Noida school news today: School closed for classes 1-8. Noida Weather Today, Rain, Forecast

Noida School News Today Closed, Noida Weather Today: Schools will remain closed in Noida today on 23rd September. This decision has been taken in view of bad weather and incessant rains. The administration has ordered closure of all government and private schools up to class 8 in Noida and Greater Noida in Gautam Buddh Nagar.

Noida Weather Today, Rain Forecast in Noida

District School Inspector Dharamvir Singh said that the Meteorological Department has issued an alert regarding rain in the area, after which District Magistrate Suhas L Yathraj has issued an order to close the schools.

According to an official statement issued on Thursday night, Singh said, “All schools from classes 1 to 8 in the district will remain closed on September 23.”

Noida in the National Capital Region (NCR) received heavy rains on Thursday. Damage to life and property due to rain has also been reported in some areas of Uttar Pradesh.

Gurugram weather today, rain in Gurugram today

The administration in Gurugram has issued an advisory directing all corporate companies, private institutions to allow their employees to work from home in the larger public interest.

Meanwhile, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) has predicted cloudy skies again over Delhi, resulting in continued rain. The Meteorological Department has issued a ‘yellow’ alert for Friday, warning people against moderate rain at most places in the city.

In Delhi, a section of a road near Satya Niketan got wet for the second consecutive day on Thursday in the national capital due to incessant light to moderate rain, causing waterlogging and uprooting of trees. Heavy traffic jams were reported in several parts of the city on Thursday.

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According to the Meteorological Department, the rains just before the withdrawal of monsoon from the National Capital Region will help cover the large deficit (46 per cent till the morning of September 22) to some extent. It will also keep the air clean and keep the temperature in check.

The IMD said on Tuesday that the southwest monsoon had retreated from southwest Rajasthan and adjoining parts of Kutch, three days after the normal date of September 17. Generally, it takes about a week for the monsoon to retreat from Delhi and come back from western Rajasthan.

The withdrawal of the Southwest Monsoon is declared if the region does not receive rainfall for five days, with the development of an anti-cyclonic circulation and water vapor imagery indicating dry weather conditions over the region.

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