Open secret of deaths in Qatar World Cup preparations, 400-500 laborers lost their lives

In an interview with British journalist Piers Morgan, Hassan Al-Thawadi, Secretary-General of Qatar’s Top Committee on Delivery and Legacy, said that the number of workers killed in FIFA preparations could be 400 to 500.

Queue For the first time, a top Qatari official related to organizing the ongoing World Cup has told the death toll of workers related to the tournament. According to this Doha official, about 400 to 500 laborers have been killed in the preparations for the FIFA World Cup. Hassan Al-Thawadi, Secretary-General of Qatar’s Top Committee on Delivery and Legacy, told British journalist piers morgan Has told this figure in an interview. Now after this revelation, it is certain that there will be a thu-thu of Qatar.

year 2010 In 2010, Qatar was given the opportunity to hold FIFA’s Football World Cup on its soil, leaving behind America, Australia and European countries. This was the first time such a big international event in the Gulf countries. Qatar got the presidency of FIFA 2022 by 14 votes against 8 from America. But since then the preparations for the Qatar event have been in constant controversy. Qatar was being accused of neglecting the interests of the workers. American Newspaper Guardian According to a report, more than 6500 workers from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka alone were killed.

Answer of Qatari official..number of people killed 400 to 500

british journalist Piers Morgan An excerpt of this interview has been posted on social media in which he asks Hasan, FIFA What is the honest, real figure related to the death of migrant workers due to work related to the World Cup?… on which the Secretary General of the Apex Committee hassan al-thawadi replied that I do not have the exact figure but I estimate the number of people killed to be between 400 and 500.,

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Qatar had earlier reported the death toll as 40.

Let us tell you that earlier Qatar had told the figure of 40 deaths of workers. Qatar government Had said that 37 of these killed people died due to heart attack. At the same time, questions are also being raised about Qatar getting the presidency of the FIFA World Cup. human rights organization Qatar has been criticized for the death toll of migrant workers during the construction of more than $200 billion worth of stadiums, metro lines and new infrastructure needed for the tournament to host West Asia’s first World Cup. This has been revealed after which the controversy is bound to escalate. However, the apex committee and the government of Qatar did not respond to requests for a response on Tuesday

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