Paddington Bear is set to have tea with another Queen next week

Queen Elizabeth’s platinum jubilee was memorable for many reasons, but one of the most talked-about moments was a video of her drinking tea with Paddington beer. It’s just been announced that another Queen will be spending time with a beloved children’s book character: Queen Consort Camilla Parker-Bowles.

Paddington Bear and Queen Elizabeth’s Tea Party

The video of Queen Elizabeth and Paddington sharing tea and marmalade sandwiches quickly went viral, and when he passed away just months after his jubilee, people around the world looked back fondly on his time with the bear.

While many people left flowers or footprints at Buckingham Palace after his death, others left teddy bears, Paddington bears and marmalade sandwiches. The Royal Parks Organization recently announced where these stuffed animals will end up.

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Where did the teddy bear go?

It announced via its Instagram account: “After being carefully sorted by staff and volunteers from the Royal Parks Nursery, the bears were cleaned up and ready for the next leg of their journey – a stopover at Buckingham Palace and Clarence House.” Cleared for viewing.”

It continued, “Next week, the Queen Consort will attend a special teddy bear picnic to introduce the bears to their new families.” The video shows the teddy bears being assembled, washed, and taken to Buckingham Palace and Clarence House, another royal residence.

The video then shows the bears spending time in royal homes “doing some light reading at Clarence House and exploring the Buckingham Palace State Rooms” as well as “waiting to be introduced to their new families by The Queen Consort”.

Royal fans praise the project: ‘I think it’s really lovely!’

So, where will all these teddy bears end up? Barnardos, a children’s charity Queen Elizabeth served as patron until 2016, when Queen Consort Camilla took over. The royal family’s Twitter account posted a photo of her with some of the 1,000 bears left by mourners.

“Absolutely wonderful, what a truly wonderful thing to do!” Someone commented on Royal Parks’ video. “Well done to everyone involved!” Another wrote, “What a heart touching story. A very commendable gesture of goodwill and love.

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Others praised Queen Consort Camilla for working on the project. “I think it’s really cute!” Someone wrote “The Queen Consort has a lovely touch.” Another commented: “What a lovely way to remember our late Queen. Excellent project for Camilla to oversee in continuation.”

People around the world are rejoicing that teddy bears left behind by people mourning the death of Queen Elizabeth are going to new homes!

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