P&G rolls out medical and workplace benefits for partners of LGBTQ+ employees

Consumer goods firm Procter & Gamble rolled out company benefits including medical insurance, emergency financial assistance, flexi subsidy allowance and relocation benefits to partners of LGBTQ+ employees.

“Procter &Gamble today announced that all its company offered benefits are now extended to partners of LGBTQ+ employees. Effective April 1, 2022, the following company medical and workplace benefits will be extended to partners of LGBTQ+ employees,” said the company on Tuesday.

Partners of LGBTQ+ employees will be covered under company’s medical plan that provides hospitalization coverage to employees and their dependents.

They can also avail other benefits like financial assistance for medical emergencies or bank loans etc. Relocation benefits would also be provided to the partners .

“This latest initiative builds on top of our ‘Share the Care’ inclusive parental leave policy that we launched…


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