Piers Morgan parties with Sky News Australia mates after massive Murdoch payday | Weekly Beast

Piers Morgan’s global talkshow is weeks away from launching but the British commentator was already handing out voting advice when he jetted in for Sky News Australia’s 25th anniversary party at the Sydney Opera House.

“Australians will want to elect the leader who they believe will move most swiftly to restore all freedom rights lost during the crisis, and who will be strong on national security,” Morgan said after arriving on Lachlan Murdoch’s private jet to celebrate with new colleagues including Peta Credlin, Chris Kenny and Rita Panahi.

The former Good Morning Britain host will reportedly be paid £50m (A$93m) by Rupert Murdoch for a daily TV talkshow which will also air on Fox in the US and News UK’s TalkTV. And what does Murdoch get for all that cash? An influential television and newspaper commentator whose stated aim is to “cancel cancel culture”. “I’m going to cancel the cancel culture,” he told Peta Credlin on Sky. “I’m going to take those ultra woke lunatics head on.”

Morgan will inherit Alan Jones’s primetime spot on Sky News following the shock jock’s unceremonious dumping last year after he failed to attract a significant audience.

His extraordinary deal includes a column in the London tabloid the Sun and a book with Murdoch’s publishing house Harper Collins.

The 56-year-old former newspaper editor quit Good Morning Britain last year and stormed off the set after being taken to task over comments he made about the mental health of the Duchess of Sussex.

“I’ll be calling out extremists from all sides, not just in Australia but anywhere – and especially those who think cancel culture’s a great idea and want to compel us all to lead their own dreary joyless lifestyles,” he told News Corp publications.

“I do currently identify as a larrikin, and know my koalas from my possums and my bludgers from my bogans,” he said. “I’m good mates with Shane Warne, so if there are any linguistic issues, I’ll get him to…

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