Platform barriers are coming to three New York subway stations

New York’s subway system will test out platform barriers at three stations, a month after a passenger was infamously pushed to her death on the tracks.

The agency that runs the subway, the Metropolitan Transit Authority, has resisted the dividers for years, calling them expensive and impractical for the century-old system. But after the grisly death of Michelle Go, as well as several other recent incidents in which commuters have been pushed onto the rails, the MTA has finally decided to give the platform-edge barriers a try.

“Months ago, I started seeing that the number of people getting on the tracks and in the tunnels was going up,” MTA chairman Janno Lieber told NY1. “There’s been a significant increase. So I created an interagency group at the MTA to study it.”

The pilot program will bring barriers to the stations at Times Square, Third Avenue, and Sutphin Boulevard, where passengers transfer to the AirTrain to JFK Airport. Mr Lieber did not say when the barriers would be built.

Subway systems all over the world, including many in Asia and Europe, already feature glass dividers on their platforms, with gates that open in the same place as the train doors to allow passengers on and off.

But New York’s famously no-frills subway, which first opened in 1904, has nothing at the edge of its platforms to stop commuters from falling into the tracks.

That lack of safety infrastructure has become especially dangerous in recent months, as violent crime on the system has…


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