Preparations for 3rd World War have started, Russian aircraft reached China..what is the matter?

According to reports, a big deal has been struck between Russia and China regarding the ongoing war in Ukraine. The deal is that both countries will help each other. At the same time, Ukrainian Defense Express has claimed that a Russian transport aircraft had arrived in China to collect war goods.

Chinese President Xi Jinping

Image Credit source: AFP

ukraine The ongoing war in now the Third World War (third world war) has started moving towards. And there are enough reasons why this thing is being said.. In fact in this war China Has taken entry through back door. Due to which the bell of the biggest danger has rung for the world. It is being said that a big deal has been struck between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping regarding the war.

Russia, America, Britain, NATO and European Union have already entered the battlefield. But now after China’s entry into it, the possibility of turning the ongoing war in Ukraine into the third world war has increased. It is being told that China has made a deal to help Russia in the war. Ukrainian Defense Express has released a video claiming that a Russian transport aircraft arrived in China to collect war material. Ukraine has announced that in the same way big cargo planes of Russia are going to China. Ammunition, ammunition, missiles and rockets are being brought from there to fight the war.

Russia’s weapons run out, China becomes partner

After all, why is Russia having to buy weapons from China? the answer to British Defense Ministry report getting from. According to Britain, Russia has run out of missiles, That’s why now Putin’s army is firing missiles of 1980. Russia is striking with forty years old missiles, it has been revealed by the debris of Russian cruise missiles that exploded in Ukraine. In the last one month, many such war reports have come, which are announcing that Russia has run out of stock of missiles to fight the war. Defense Minister of Ukraine claims that Russia has fired 80 percent of its modern missiles in the war, Now only 13 percent of the stock of Iskander missiles is left with him.

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North Korea is also involved in Russia’s cooperation

Obviously Russia has a shortage of missiles. And meanwhile, the situation is that due to international restrictions, Putin’s platoon is not even able to make missiles. That is why Russia has to take help from Iran. Reports also say that North Korea is also providing military support to Russia., It is claimed that now China has also joined Russia’s helpers. He is secretly supplying war goods to Russia, which is very dangerous.

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