Prince Harry And Prince William Allegedly Feud Over Future Of The Monarchy, Camilla Parker Bowles Dubious Report Claims

It feels like every week Prince Harry and Prince William add fuel to their rivalry. One report says the decision to elevate Camila Parker Bowles to queen consort has the brothers fighting once more. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘One Step Forwards, Two Steps Back For The Brothers’

According to New Idea, everything seemed okay for Harry and William, but then Queen Elizabeth made an announcement. With Bowles now set to become queen consort, there’s a brand new wedge to be dealt with. Harry’s never forgiven his father for cheating on Princess Diana and he’s always loathed Bowles as a result.

For years, William felt the same. In the years since Charles and Bowles’s wedding, however, both William and Elizabeth have thawed. “As the future king, William had to consider what was best for the monarchy and what was best for his father,” a source explains. “Harry, on the other hand, has always led with his heart… Harry felt Queen Camilla was a direct insult to his mother’s memory.”

Hary’s lack of a public congratulation for Bowles is a sign of his discontent. He was not part of the decision-making process. A source concludes that this could add kindling to Harry’s upcoming memoir: “the rumor is that much of his book coming out later in the year will be about his mother, so it’s quite possible he will be critical of Camilla for breaking up his parents’ marriage.”

Assumptions On Top Of Assumptions

Did you notice the casual misogyny at the end of this…


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