Prince William learned a great trick on talking to kids from wife Kate Middleton

Prince of Wales Prince William has learned a thing or two from his wife, Kate Middleton. The Princess of Wales knows some of the best tricks in the book on how to talk to kids, and William is applying some of these lessons when interacting with kids.

Last week, the Prince of Wales visited Royal Air Force (RAF) Coningsby in Lincolnshire to meet military families. He spoke to family members of all ages, including some children who were excited to meet the prince.

In an Instagram post on the couple’s shared Instagram account, William shared photos from their trip. He said it was great to “meet” [RAF Coningsby] Personnel and their families at the heart of this RAF community.

Not even a prince can turn down the request of a three-year-old child

In a sweet conversation during the journey, William talks to a young boy named Blake. After a few words, the three-year-old gave the prince a picture of Mickey Mouse that she had made for William. Blake’s mother Laura told Greetings! He The prince promised to “put it on my fridge” when he returned home.

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Laura also shared how her three-year-old wasn’t afraid to talk to Prince. Indeed, the little boy was very bold. As Laura said,[Prince William] And then Blake decided he wanted to hug William, so he followed him and said: ‘Please William, hug me’ and he did.

The prince’s sweet embrace with Blake was caught on camera. (Anthony Devlin / Getty Images)

This isn’t the first time William has interacted with young children while on official duty. Maybe he’s learned something from his wife about connecting with the kids — just look at that look! The Princess of Wales is often seen kneeling to meet their eyes while interacting with children, so it seems likely that Prince William may have taken a page out of the Middleton’s playbook.

(Photo by Paul Ellis – WPA Pool / Getty Images)

The father of three can also hold his own when it comes to the kids, despite taking the occasional prompt from his wife. In several Instagram posts, William is seen talking and laughing with the children. During a visit to St George’s Park last month, the prince was laughing and talking with several children on the grounds.

Back in the spring, the prince also attended a “Roots of Empathy” session in Glasgow, which focused on understanding a child’s needs. In the pictures, William is seen talking with the young children and even taking lessons from his “little teacher”.

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The father of three is certainly able to connect with and enjoy interacting with children of all ages. However, we still suspect that Middleton may have played a role in the prince being able to do so.

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