Princess Eugenie Reportedly Convinced Prince Harry To Return To The UK Amid Queen’s Health Downturn, Royal Gossip Says

Did Princess Eugenie accomplish the impossible? One report says she’s successfully convinced Prince Harry to return to England amid their grandmother’s health scare. Has Queen Elizabeth’s condition really spurred a royal reunion? Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Harry’s Mercy Dash Back To The UK!’

According to New Idea, Eugenie went to the Super Bowl with an ulterior motive. As she and Harry watched the game from premier seats, she was telling him about Elizabeth’s deteriorating condition. “Things are getting rather desperate for the queen,” a source says, “so Eugenie was tasked with convincing Harry to return, sooner rather than later.”

Harry needed to return to the United Kingdom because his father and brother are indisposed by COVID and travel respectively. This leaves Prince Andrew as the highest-ranking royal around, and he’s the last person who should be representing the monarchy. An insider says Eugenie did get through to him. “Out of the whole family, Eugenie is the one he listens to,” a source says. Harry is now seriously considering a return home ahead of Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee in June.

What’s Next For The Royal Family?

Gossip Cop would love to say that Elizabeth is doing fine, but sadly that’s not the case. After this story came out, she tested positive for COVID-19. Reports vary on her condition, with some believing she may already be dead. The palace says she only has mild symptoms and is fighting them valiantly.

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