Queen Elizabeth almost forgot this key element of her wedding look before the ceremony

If you’ve ever walked down the aisle, you know how important every detail is to come together on your wedding day. From your wedding and centerpiece placement to your wedding dress and accessories, just one thing wrong can affect the big day.

As it turns out, a key detail of Queen Elizabeth II’s wedding was almost overlooked — and it would have been a huge blunder!

If you look back on your wedding day and can’t remember all the details, you’re in good company. As the world has just remembered Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s 75th wedding anniversary on November 20, new details of the wedding ceremony have recently emerged.

Turns out, the late queen almost forgot to wear her special pearls on her special day!

The queen almost forgot the queen of gems

According to in style, Queen Elizabeth almost forgot to wear her classic pearls on her way down the aisle. This is shocking news for a member of the royal family known for their pearl collection.

The then Princess Elizabeth was presented with two historic pearl necklaces by her parents, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother.

The bride had planned to wear the jewelry down the aisle. However, royal staff did not know that the main items were still on display at St James’s Palace along with other wedding gifts until the bride was ready to depart.

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Although the Queen Mother’s private secretary, Jock Coville, volunteered to receive the pearl, he faced heavy traffic. Thankfully, Kovil managed to deliver the pearls in time because the bride’s uncle, King Haakon VII of Norway, lent the private secretary his limousine.

Queen Elizabeth II’s wedding day wasn’t the only time the late monarch wore pearls. In fact, the late queen wore pearls for the rest of her life. According to diamond expert Maxwell Stone, the necklaces are “elegant pieces with a lot of history attached to them.”

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As Stone explained, “According to an 1896 inventory of Queen Victoria’s jewellery, one necklace belonged to Queen Anne, the last Stuart monarch, and one to Queen Caroline, wife of King George II.”

“Despite being separate pieces with separate clasps, the necklaces are usually worn together as a pair, similar to a double-strand pearl necklace—the Queen Anne is strung with 46 pearls, While Queen Caroline has 50 pearls.”

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