Ready, steady, glow: 10 reader tips to keep you warm at home

Knit a jumper

Use natural materials to knit yourself a jumper – they are better for the planet and keep you warmer than artificial yarns. The beauty and benefits start almost as soon as you cast on, since the growing garment on your knees keeps you warm long before it’s ready to wear. Win-win! Carol Brook, West Yorkshire

Don’t let the house get damp

A hot drink goes a long way towards keeping you warm during winter, and wearing a wool hat indoors makes an amazing difference, too. It’s also important not to allow the house to get damp, as that always feels much colder, so we run a dehumidifier every now and again to keep everything dry. It has not been too cold a winter this year, so there have been lots of days when we haven’t had the heating on at all. Gill Lee, admin worker, Leicester

Spice up your porridge

A bottle of single malt scotch whisky on a mirrored glass table surrounded by ornate glasses.
Add a wee drop to your breakfast. Photograph: Alex Walker/Getty Images

Make yourself a bowl of porridge in the morning, topped with maple syrup and just the slightest splash of Islay whisky. It gives your breakfast a beautiful peaty, sugary smell and a bit of extra warmth on the way down. I learned about this delight while staying at a B&B on Islay some years ago. It takes the porridge, and the start of the day, to a new level. Richard Knight, leadership coach and consultant, East Lothian

Do the dishes

I can sometimes feel a little chilled but, rather than turn the heating up, I find that doing the dishes warms me right up. Plunging my hands into warm bubbles always does the trick, and it saves on the energy used to run a dishwasher, too. Add a little relaxing music and it can be a useful mindfulness exercise. Also, the dishes get done. Anonymous, Scotland

Engage with the winter landscape

Mother and child walking through a snowy park.
Get glowing … Bundle up for a wintry walk to get your blood pumping. Photograph: Christopher Hopefitch/Getty Images

In the colder months in Norway, when there is also a lot of rain, snow, and ice, I walk a lot: to work, for shopping or other errands, and in the nearby…

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