Reed Jobs: Steve Jobs’ son refuses to comment on report he might run for Pelosi seat

Reed Jobs, the son of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, has declined to comment for a piece on rumours that he once pondered running for Nancy Pelosi’s congressional seat when she eventually retires.

The 81-year-old speaker of the House of Representatives, who has represented San Francisco since 1987, announced last month that she would be running for re-election this year. However, if the Republican Party takes back the House – as is widely expected – many anticipate that she could give up the Democratic leadership and retire from her seat at the end of the next term.

As limited speculation persists about who might end up succeeding the congresswoman when she vacates her seat, whether in 2024 or later, the 30-year-old Mr Jobs’ name has surfaced in a short article for news site Puck that claims he has mused about taking a shot at her post when it becomes open.

Specifically, the site reports that “one person who has talked politics with him” claims he said he would “strongly consider running for the seat” after Pelosi’s retirement. However, those remarks were dated “as late as early last year” (i.e. 2021) – before it became clear Ms Pelosi is, in fact, running again.

Mr Jobs declined to comment and, according to the site, “a person close to him pushed back on the premise”. In a message to The Independent, an Emerson Collective spokesperson said: “Reed has no plans to run for office and is focused on continuing the work he leads at Emerson around…


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