Republicans say Trump is ’empowering’ extremists by having dinner with white supremacists

Arkansas’ Republican governor joined a chorus of criticism on Sunday Donald Trump to have dinner with American white supremacist and anti-Semite Nick Fuentes, accusing the former US president of effectively “empowering” such extremists.

“It’s very disturbing and it shouldn’t happen,” Asa Hutchinson told CNN’s State of the Union show on Sunday morning, becoming the most senior Republican politician to condemn the meeting.

Hutchinson has previously been governor of Arkansas since 2015. where is he “very seriously” considering running for president in 2024, competing with Trump, who announced candidature In view of the mid-term elections.

He added that: “I hope that someday we will not have to answer for what former President Trump has said or done.”

Hutchinson then denounced the meeting.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea for a leader who is setting an example for the country or the party to meet with a racist or an anti-Semite … We need to avoid empowering extremists … You want to reduce their power, not empower. Stay away from them,” Hutchinson said.

Later details revealed While Fuentes was hosted by the former president, Trump acknowledged that he had met with her, but did not condemn her stance.

Fuentes has been open about his extreme racist and anti-Semitism views on his podcast and trip with Trump Kanye WestThe rapper now known as Ye, who is being criticized for antisemitism notes.

Trump said he did not know Fuentes was going to attend the dinner and had no idea who he was.

However, a person present there said that Trump was influenced by Fuentes. “He was impressed with Nick and his knowledge of the Trump world. Nick knew the people and the figures and the speeches and the rallies and the Trump culture that surrounded him, especially when it came to the base,” said Karen Giorno, a former Trump aide and senior adviser. Told Washington Post.

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The meeting was strongly criticized by human rights groups and former New Jersey governor and one-time close ally of Trump, Chris Christie, but Hutchinson turned up the heat on Sunday.

“It was not a casual meeting,” Hutchinson said of Fuentes’ sit-down with Trump. β€œIt was a set up dinner with Kanye. At every opportunity when it comes to white supremacy or neo-Nazism or denial of the Holocaust, you must be absolutely clear in your communication that this is not acceptable… and you must reject it.

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