Rishi Sunak Hires Lawyer To Investigate Dominic Raab’s Bullying Allegations

Rishi Sunak has appointed a top employment barrister to investigate formal complaints against his Deputy Prime Minister. Dominic RaabWhich has been accused of bullying behavior by many civil servants in many government departments.

The lawyer, Adam Tolley Casey, has been tasked with investigating the claims, which are understood to go back several years, and is preparing a report for the prime minister, who will decide whether to approve Raab. Should I face it or not?

The Guardian has revealed multiple allegations of intimidation and bullying by Raab in three government departments – the Ministry of Justice, the Brexit Department and the Foreign Office.

He has vowed to “absolutely refute and rebut” the two official complaints he is already facing, but after the allegations surfaced, Sunak has reversed his decision to reappoint Raab into his cabinet. But faced questions.

Downing Street said Tolley would not limit his scope, meaning that if more formal complaints were made, he would be able to investigate them after obtaining Sunak’s consent. It also suggested that he would have access to all information, including emails and WhatsApp messages, needed to interrogate him.

Government insiders said Tolley’s inquiry would be conducted as quickly as possible, and that his report was fully published “in a timely manner”, suggesting that like the investigation into Priti Patel’s bullying allegations it could take up to six months. Will not remain seated. However, he insisted that the prime minister remained the final arbiter.

The Guardian has been told that Raab now faces a number of formal complaints over allegations of bullying behavior from his time running the department, in addition to two that have already been lodged.

Tolley, a commercial and employment law specialist at Fountain Court Chambers, had previously represented King Charles in a number of claims against his household. In 2004 and 2005, she successfully defended the then Prince of Wales against claims by former secretary Ellen Day, that she had been sexually discriminated against and wrongfully dismissed by Charles’ assistant private secretary.

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Tolley represented an unnamed security service in an employment tribunal claim of sexual harassment brought by a female agent against her boss and a government intelligence agency in 2012. The barrister appeared at four different Employment Appeal Tribunals for the Ministry of Defense from 2008 to 2011 and in 2013 for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

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