Rudy Giuliani blames ‘demented’ Biden after Russia invades Ukraine

Former New York Mayor and Trump supporter Rudy Giuliani wasted no time in blaming President Joe Biden for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, appearing on TV shortly after the start of the attacks on the European country.

In an interview with Newsmax, Mr Giuliani claimed “demented” Mr Biden was to blame for the state of the situation in Europe.

“Biden came in and he said … let’s test him, he looks like a weakling, he’s always been a weakling,” Mr Giuliani said.

“His own cabinet secretary said he’s never gotten anything right in foreign policy. He was always a dope – and you don’t think they don’t think he’s demented,” he continued.

“I mean, they’re not silly liberal fools like in America who lie to themselves. So this was going to happen and he did everything he could to create it.”

Mr Giuliani has suggested on previous occasions that Mr Biden, who at 79 is the oldest sitting president, is suffering from dementia. In a Fox News interview in 2020, when Mr Biden was then a presidential nominee, Mr Giuliani claimed the Democrat “has dementia”adding: “There’s no doubt about it.”

He later tweeted out a poll asking his followers whether they believed Mr Biden was showing signs of dementia.

Mr Giuliani’s longtime friend Donald Trump has suggested since the Ukraine crisis escalated that it would not have happened when he was president, bizarrely praising Russian President Vladimir Putin for his actions ahead of the invasion.

“Here’s a guy…


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