Russian forces enter Kyiv as Ukraine capital rocked by gunfire and explosions

Russian tanks and troops entered the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv, on Friday morning as Moscow’s invasion of the country accelerated, with other cities left bracing for the prospect of heavy fighting.

As Russian forces circled Kyiv, home to 2.8 million people, the Kremlin indicated that it is ready to hold talks with Ukraine about “demilitarisation” and declaring a “neutral status,” thereby preventing the country from joining Nato.

Local residents in the city have been urged to fight back with Molotov cocktails against the encroaching troops, which appear to be moving through the northern suburbs of the city. The strategic Hostomel airfield has also been recaptured by Russian soldiers, at a loss of 200 Ukrainian lives, according to the Kremlin.

Sirens have sounded out across Kyiv since the early hours of Friday, with residents forced to take shelter in underground metro stations following a series of Russian aerial attacks that hit the densely populated Pozniake neighbourhood, in which at least eight people were reportedly injured.

Tetyana Filevska, a resident of the city and deputy director of the Ukrainian Institute, told The Independent: “We urgently need all the help to our army, people and country. We need guns and equipment, medicines, economic aid – but most of all we need solidarity in fighting Russia.

“We are keeping Europe safe, you all have to understand this. Putin won’t stop on Ukraine. He will go further.”

UK armed forces minister James Heappey told…


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