Russian President has cancer! Putin grabbed the chair during the meeting, started tapping his feet

It has been said in the report that when Putin was meeting Cuban President Diaz-Canel, during that time he held his chair very firmly. Not only this, he was repeatedly moving his feet here and there.

During the meeting, speculations have started again about Putin’s health.

Image Credit source: AFP

Russian President on the battlefield Vladimir Putin If the legs of the platoon are being uprooted, then the news has come about Putin and his health. The picture that has come. She is going to trouble the whole of Russia. Putin Had grabbed hold of the chair during a meeting. Suddenly Putin started tapping his feet. ever left Sometimes he started shaking his right leg. And all this happened not in a closed room but in front of the camera, during the meeting.

The claims made in the media reports are even more serious. Because there are not only claims with this report, but the video of Putin’s meeting has also been released. Whose every second is shocking. It has been said in the report that when Putin was meeting Cuban President Diaz-Canel, during that time he held his chair very firmly. Not only this, he was repeatedly moving his feet here and there. Was shaking legs. Feet were tapping.

Putin was holding the chair tightly

According to the report, in the footage, the Russian President was also seen sitting strangely on his chair. Based on the photographs, the report states that a bloated Putin was also seen smiling awkwardly while talking with Diaz-Canel in front of a marble fireplace in Moscow. At the same time, his left hand was seen wrapped tightly around the arm of the white chair. on which they are sitting. As if Putin is trying to stabilize himself. Putin’s right hand is also behaving in a strange way.

Seeing these videos and pictures, it is being inferred that he is suffering from some serious illness. Although it is difficult to say what is the truth. Such reports have not come for the first time. Such claims about Putin’s health, many reports have come rapidly after the start of the Ukraine war. In which it was claimed that Russian President Putin is looking ill. His hands and legs are trembling. There is swelling on the face. During this, the question was also asked whether Russian President Vladimir Putin has cancer?

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Black marks on hand

Along with the Ukraine war, the discussion about Putin’s health is at its peak in the world. A picture of Putin has come out 10 days ago, strange black colored marks are visible on his hand. Taking these pictures of Putin, it was claimed that these marks are drip marks in the veins.. It was claimed that these marks are enough to tell that he is suffering from some serious disease.

Putin has cancer, it was also announced on the basis of this video. Foreign media even published reports quoting the source of Russian intelligence, which is close to the Kremlin. However, the Kremlin called such reports a rumour. The world media argues that whenever Putin has appeared during the Ukraine war, he has been seen in trouble and pain.

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Such news came earlier also

On several occasions, Putin was seen having difficulty in breathing. He had difficulty in speaking. He looked tired. Faces looked swollen. In another video, he was seen trembling while shaking hands. When the President of Belarus was meeting Alexander Lukashenko. Putin was seen putting his hand on his chest to stop the shivering. Before this, another video made the news of Putin’s health skyrocket. In a 12-minute video, Putin was seen holding the corner of the table during a meeting with Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. During this, the thumb and leg of his right hand kept moving. Not only this, Putin’s face appeared swollen. His voice was stuttering while speaking. Rumors about Putin’s health arose several times. Pictures came several times. But the truth is that these reports have not been proved yet.

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