Russia’s deadly war on Ukraine explained in one map

Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine in the early hours of Thursday morning, with shelling and rocket attacks on several major cities leaving scores dead and hundreds injured.

Vladimir Putin’s assault saw Russian troops enter Ukraine from the north, east and south of the country, bombarding airports and even taking the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

Shelling and missile strikes have been reported all over the country, with experts saying the airstrikes are being used to clear the way for ground forces to move in.

So, what is the current situation in Ukraine’s various cities and regions? And what are surrounding European countries doing?

Here is everything you need to know.

Within Ukraine (clockwise on map)


Having crossed the border and headed for the capital, which sits in the north of Ukraine, Russian troops took control of one of Kiev’s airports, Antonov International, after launching a large air assault operation.

The airport, which is geographically significant because it is 15 minutes from the capital, is Ukraine’s most important international cargo airport and a key military airbase.

Russian forces’ movements since the invasion began

(Press Association Images)

Images showing long queues of traffic were circulated on news outlets and social media, and were said to be an attempted mass exodus by panicked Kiev residents.

Ukraine’s Korrespondent news outlet reported at around 6am local time (4am GMT) that traffic jams had formed from central Kiev…


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