Scarlett Johansson Has A New Skin Care Brand And Colin Jost Has Some Hilarious Thoughts

Scarlett Johansson has conquered the world of acting, but she’s ready to take on a whole new industry: skincare. While many took to the company’s Instagram account to congratulate the star, her husband Colin Jost couldn’t pass up the opportunity to tease Johansson. 

Johansson’s new beauty line, called The Outset, is preparing for its launch by posting black and white photos to the company’s Instagram account. One of the shots is a close-up of the actress’ profile, and Jost was quick to tease his wife. 

“Is this the best way to contact you?” he commented on the picture. “I’m starting a similar brand called “Part of a Face” and would love to use this photo. Thanks.” It’s no surprise Jost was joking around; he’s the longtime face of Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update segment and has served as a head writer on the sketch show since 2012. 

Johansson: ‘I Wanted To Create A Brand That Was True To Me’

While Jost was kidding about his new brand, Johansson is taking The Outset very seriously. She announced the line last summer in an interview with Allure, saying, “I created this brand to elevate clean, essential skincare. This will be a brand for everyone who wants their skin to look its best with minimal effort.”

“I’ve been the face of several luxury brands throughout my career, and all of those experiences were really wonderful,” Johansson told Vogue in another interview. “I guess I always felt that I was sort of playing a…


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