Senior Met officer attacks Sadiq Khan over Cressida Dick exit

Scotland Yard’s leadership has hit back at Sadiq Khan’s ousting of the commissioner of the Metropolitan police, Cressida Dick, claiming “due process” was not followed by the mayor of London and calling on the home secretary, Priti Patel, to review her alleged unfair treatment.

Sir Stephen House, the Met deputy commissioner and a close ally of Dick, made the comments against Khan, who publicly clashed with Dick earlier this month.

It followed revelations about hate messages circulating among officers at Charing Cross police station from 2016 to 2018. The mayor was angered that nine of them were still serving in the Met, with two promoted, one of whom had committed misconduct.

Dick was pressed to come up with a plan to deal with the huge problems facing the Met, and in the mayor’s view failed to do so. Dick then decided to resign.

House told the London assembly’s police and crime committee that the mayor played to the media rather than following a process set out in law.

He said: “I feel deeply disappointed. There’s a clear procedure in statute laid down to allow the removal of a police chief officer. It’s not been followed in this instance; it’s not even been initiated in this instance.

“Due process has not been followed, and instead we’ve seen matters played out in the media. Because of this, I’ve written to the home secretary to ask her to have a review carried out of the events that have taken place.”

House’s comments make public the simmering anger among Dick and her allies at the mayor’s rejections of her reassurances she was doing enough to tackle the Met’s confidence crisis.

He said Khan had recently been a “strong advocate” for Dick, believing she should have a three-year extension to her term in office, not the two years the home secretary granted her in September 2021.

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House said the mayor’s office for policing had been briefed months ago about the Charing Cross scandal, which came after a series of outrages that have sapped…

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