Shilpi Raj reached the top-10 by competing with Pushpa’s songs, more than 50 million users watched VIDEO

The trending singer Shilpi Raj and actress Neelam Giri’s song ‘Raja Ji Khoon Kaye D’ (Raja Ji Khoon Kaida), who raised the honor of Bhojpuri music world, has won 5 positions in the chart buster of India Top Music Videos. and has come up. Where this Bhojpuri song was at number 11 last week, this week it has occupied the 6th place. In India Top Music Videos, songs like Shreevalli from Pushpa film at number 1, O Aathiya at number 2 and 3, Sammi on 4 are making their place in India Top Music Videos.

More than 5 crore people have watched ‘Raja Ji Khoon Keeni D’
At the same time, ‘Raja Ji Khoon Kaye The’ released from Worldwide Records Bhojpuri has come at 6th place. This song has started a golden era in the history of Bhojpuri industry. Today, there is no such singer in the Bhojpuri industry, who has made it to the top-10 of India’s top music videos, competing with Bollywood songs. Till the time of writing the news, the song has got more than 50 million views and more than 3 lakh 63 likes.

Neelam Giri’s performance is being praised a lot
On this occasion Ratnakar Kumar, MD, Worldwide Records said that ‘The popularity of the song is increasing day by day among the audience, for which full credit goes to the team. The team has prepared such good songs by working hard day and night. We are very proud of Shilpi Raj and Neelam Giri who left no stone unturned to take the song to this height.

Singer Shilpi Raj is happy to see the popularity of the song
Singer Shilpi Raj is not fully satisfied about the song, she said that ‘my ranking is at number two in India Top Artist, while my song has come at number 6 in India Top Music Videos. What will be a matter of great happiness that today Bhojpuri film world has got a place in the middle of Bollywood. The whole of India is appreciating this song by myself. I am very thankful to Ratnakar Kumar, MD, Worldwide Records, who has given me the opportunity to sing for his company. Thank you sir for this.

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The actress thanked the team
Neelam Giri said that ‘I am very happy that our song has come at number 6 in Indian Top Music Videos. I cannot express my happiness how happy I am. My heart is getting happy inside. I do not understand in which words I thank Ratnakar Kumar, Shilpi Raj and the public. Then I would say that all this is the result of your love and blessings, which today we have been able to reach this point, so thank you from the whole heart.

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