Sky News journalists forced to take cover live on air as Ukrainian city bombarded

Sky News journalists were forced to take cover during a live broadcast as Ukraine’s second-largest city was bombarded by Russian forces.

Loud rumbles erupted as reporter Jon Sparks spoke to the camera in Kharkiv near the Russian border to sounds of what he described as the “drum beat of war”.

He sheltered near a wall before his crew decided to go inside amid the sustained bombardment.

“If a reminder was necessary that this city was in the process was in the process of being encircled by Russian troops, this serves as an excellent reminder of that,” he told the camera.

It comes after Russian troops launched an all-out invasion of Ukraine on Thursday, killing more than 100 people and attacking targets all around the country including the capital Kyiv.

Sparks said there was a “long and loud barrage” of what he believed was incoming artillery fire right before the broadcast, before being interrupted by loud rumbling noises.

After looking over a now-deserted city from his hotel, he said: “It is still going on. Thud thud thud. It’s like this drum beat of war, reminding everybody the Russians are close and moving in.”

Ukraine-Russian invasion: People seek shelter from missiles inside Kharkiv subway station

He said the loud blasts could be rocket fire and the crew would take cover inside. “This is a very intense bombardment,” the Sky reporter added.

On Friday morning, the mayor of of Kharkiv urged residents to head to subway stations, bomb shelters and…


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