Spanish police investigating four more devices after Ukraine embassy blast

Police in Spain are investigating four more incendiary devices and letter bombs, a day after an explosion at Ukraine’s embassy in Madrid.

The devices have now been sent to the prime minister, the defense ministry, an arms company that makes rocket launchers donated to Kyiv, and were found at a military airbase near the Spanish capital, as well as the embassy.

The first letter bomb exploded when it was opened by an embassy employee. on WednesdayThis resulted in minor injuries to the worker’s hands and prompted Ukraine to warn its diplomats to strengthen their security precautions.

The second, discovered hours later at the Instalza arms firm in Zaragoza in the Aragon region, which manufactures the C90 rocket launcher, was defused by bomb squad officers.

In the early hours of Thursday, police were called to the Torrejón de Ardoz airbase after security systems detected a suspicious package.

On Thursday morning, it emerged that an incendiary device addressed to Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez had been intercepted on 24 November. According to the Ministry of Home Affairs, another device has been sent to the Ministry of Defense. appears to be sent from spain,

An Interior Ministry spokesman said that X-rays showed that the envelope sent to the Torrejón de Ardoz base contained some sort of mechanism.

“Officers from both the Policia Nacional and the Guardia Civil went to the base to cordon off the area and police investigators are analyzing the envelope, which was addressed to the satellite centre,” he added.

Preliminary investigation suggests a link between the first two letters as both envelopes reportedly came from Ukraine and bore the same sender email address.

Ukraine’s ambassador to Spain, Serhiy Pohoreltsev, said the first suspicious package was addressed to him and handed over to the commandant of the embassy.

“There was a box in the package, which raised the commandant’s suspicions and he decided to take it outside, there was no one around, and open it,” Pohoreltsev told the Ukrainian news site european truth,

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“After opening the box and hearing a click that followed, he tossed it and then heard the explosion … Despite not holding the box at the time of the explosion, the commandant’s hands were struck and he was “

The employee was taken to Our Lady of America Hospital and released shortly thereafter.

Rosa Serrano, the Spanish central government’s representative for Aragon, said the arms firm in Zaragoza contacted police after receiving a letter it was not expecting.

“It was an envelope measuring 10 cm x 15 cm and a little more than a centimeter thick,” Serrano told SER radio station.

“The envelope was examined and X-rayed, and found to contain a small charge that was designed to detonate when opened. We do not know what type of explosive it was.

Serrano said the package appeared to be linked to Ukraine, adding that its sender email address was the same as the bomb sent to the embassy in Madrid.

Following the discovery of the first package, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba urged all embassies in the country to tighten their security measures.

The minister also urged his Spanish counterparts to take immediate measures to investigate the attack, adding that whoever was responsible “will not succeed in stopping their daily work on intimidating or coercing Ukrainian diplomats.” ukraine and countering Russian aggression”.

Reuters contributed to this report

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