Sturgeon condemns ‘Putin’s unprovoked, imperialist aggression’ in Ukraine

Vladimir Putin must “feel the wrath of the democratic world” after Russia mounted a “full-scale invasion” of Ukraine, Nicola Sturgeon has said.

The Scottish First Minister said that Russian military action there meant that Ukraine’s “very existence as an independent democracy was now under attack”.

And she made clear she condemned “in the strongest possible terms the unprovoked, imperialist aggression of Vladimir Putin”.

Ms Sturgeon had earlier tweeted that President Putin must face the “severest consequences” for his “unprovoked aggression” in Ukraine after explosions rocked its capital Kyiv and other cities this morning.

Just as Putin must face and feel the wrath of the democratic world, the people of Ukraine must feel and not just hear our support and our solidarity

Nicola Sturgeon

And, at the start of First Minister’s Questions at Holyrood, she called for tougher action, including the expulsion of Russian agents from other nations.

Speaking about the Russian president, Ms Sturgeon said: “There can be no doubt he must face the severest of consequences.

“Sanctions on him and his network of oligarch and agents, their expulsion from countries across the world, sanctions on his banks and their ability to borrow and function, sanctions on his energy and mineral companies and, here in the UK, immediate clean-up of the swirl of dirty Russian money in the city of London.”

But she added: “Just as Putin must face and feel the wrath of the…


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