TANGEDCO TNEB Aadhaar link: Special camps being organized as users complain about server failure

TANGEDCO TNEB Aadhaar Link, TNEB Aadhaar Link, TNEB Limited Aadhaar Upload Link: In order to provide some relief to the consumers, the Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation (TANGEDCO) have started special camps which will help them in linking Aadhaar with consumer numbers.

The camps have been started because many people were also complaining about server failure.

The camps will not only facilitate fresh enrollment but will also help the consumers to change their details. According to TANGEDCO, the camps are being organized in its 2,811 section offices.

The camps will remain open till December 31 except on festival days. Camp timings are from 10:30 am to 5:15 pm. Soon the authorities will also start separate counters for senior citizens and differently-abled customers in all section offices.

It is to be noted that TANGEDCO has made it mandatory for everyone to link their Aadhaar card with their TNEB account in order to continue receiving their subsidy.

There are about 2.33 crore household electricity connections in the state and about 15 lakh people have already linked their Aadhaar connections.

The main objective behind linking Aadhaar with consumer number is that it will help the consumers Electricity The department maintains proper data.

How to link Aadhaar with TNEB Online?

step 1: Consumers need to visit the official website of TNEB i.e. nsc.tnebltd.gov.in/adharupload.

step 2: Here you have to give the details of your service connection number.

step 3: In the next step you have to verify your mobile number. For this you have to generate OTP. Enter OTP and verify your account.

step 3: Give details of the occupant.

step 4: Now provide the Aadhar card number which is to be linked with TANGEDCO account.

Step 5: Enter your name as it is on Aadhaar.

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Step 6: Upload your Aadhaar ID.

Step 7: Submit form. You can also download the acknowledgment receipt.

TANGEDCO TNEB Aadhaar Link Online Status Checking: Step-by-Step Guide

step 1: Visit the official website of TANGEDCO TNEB i.e. @nsc.tnebltd.gov.in

step 2: Click on TANGEDCO TNEB Aadhaar Link Status.

step 3: Provide your acknowledgment number.

step 4: Your TANGEDCO TNEB Aadhaar Link Status will be available on the screen.

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