TBS Media – The Brand Story Recognized Mario Schmidt as the Most Trusted Leader of the Nation

Dr. h. c Mario Schmidt, Managing Director, Lingel Windows and Doors Technologies Pvt. Ltd gets honoured as the Most Trusted Leader of the Nation at the Indian Brand and Leadership Conclave 2022 organized by The Brand Story.

TBS Media – The Brand Story is India’s top brand rating company that honours brands and leaders, propelling the country’s growth. TBS Media organized the Indian Brand and Leadership Conclave 2022 to bring out the stories of brands and leaders doing inspiring work in their respective fields while overcoming business challenges innovatively. Dr.h.c Mario Schmidt, Managing Director –Lingel Windows and Doors Technologies, was recognized as the Most Trusted Leader of the Nation at the Indian Brand and Leadership Conclave 2022.

Dr.h.c.Mario Schmidt is the Managing Director at Lingel India – a leading brand for uPVC and ALU Windows and doors since 2006. He is also the plant head of Lingel Germany since 2018. His academic portfolio includes a Bachelor’s degree with a German certification for “Master Craftsmen for Windows and Furniture Design” and an MBA in Business Economics from Handwerkskammer Chemnitz Germany. He was recently bestowed with an Honorary doctorate to contribute to skill development. Dr h.c Mario Schmidt has also successfully participated in the AIMA course in Global Management at the Berkeley University of California. He became the founding member of the window association UWDMA India in 2008, Technical head from 2008 to 2016 and has been the President since 2016.

Before Lingel, Dr.h.c Mario Schmidt served as the youngest General Manager (Factory Head) in the Window and Door field within his German state. He entered the Indian market in 2006 with a small workforce and a little experience but managed to grow the company considerably under his leadership over the years by expanding the product line that caters to its niche customers. With Lingel, Dr .h.c Mario Schmidt has built a core team that manages offering end-to-end solutions to customers. Early in his career, he realised that he was seriously interested in fenestration which led him to learn more about it. He came to India in 2006 with an impeccable vision, and the rest is history.

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Other than founding the company in India and working to make it one of the top ten companies in the industry, he also introduced new products in the Indian market, including Smart Windows, which helped him gain much-deserved popularity. With much hard work and dedication, he has managed to expand the presence of the Lingel Group in Pan India through the dealer network. Leading from the front, he encourages his team members while considering their needs. He truly believes in the importance of time management and ensures that everyone is punctual so that the business can prosper the way it deserves. He has led his personal and professional life with the motto “On Time Every Time.” It is not just him but his team also that follows this motto religiously.

Dr h.c Mario Schmidt’s work ethic allows him to lead with an example in everything he takes up. He is a voracious reader and an eloquent orator with exceptional quality to speak on almost all topics related to his industry. This ability of him has made him a speaker at many events where his views have been respected and have also inspired many. He is a leader who motivates his team to learn and grow while sharing his vast wealth of knowledge anywhere he goes. With his remarkable knowledge of products and vast experience in offering the best, he continues to inspire many people.

Actively participating as a panellist at various events and being closely associated with Ace Tech and ZAK, he is a visionary who possesses a far progressive sight in the market of intelligent doors and windows—keeping in mind the tremendous contribution in his field, he was also awarded the Marketer of the Year twice for coming up with various ideas to lift the brand to newer heights. The R&D towards the new product line creates a wow factor for the brand. Introducing the security windows (LPG -Lingel Panzer Glazing and LSB – Lingel Safe Box ) window sill and different shapes and designs has opened new opportunities for customers to taste new fenestration products.

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Dr h.c Mario Schmidt completes everyday tasks with a calm, positive, and centred mindset. He has a vibrant nature that ensures daily projects and assignments are managed effectively. Amongst his many interests, he also likes listening to music, playing the guitar and attending live shows. With his different inclinations, he inspires others to lead a purposeful, successful, and joyous life. He motivates many people to keep following their dreams while stopping at nothing to achieve their goals.

Dr Abhay Kaushik, Editor in Chief and Director, TBS Media – The Brand Story, said, “Dr.h.c Mario Schmidt is a leader and a visionary who has been setting fine examples for the employees of his company. He practices what he preaches, which has been a key factor in ensuring the success of the Lingel Group.” TBS Media – The Brand Story is proud to honour Dr h.c Mario Schmidt as the Most Trusted Leader of the Nation.



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