TBT: That time Mary-Louise Parker almost married on-screen husband Jeffrey Dean Morgan in real life

Known for her roles in films such as Mary-Louise Parker Fried Green Tomatoes And red and TV shows like the west wing And weeds, But his romantic life is just as famous. Do you know that the actress was once engaged to him weeds co-star Jeffrey Dean Morgan?

Parker and Morgan met on the set of ‘Weeds’

Parker starred weedsA drama about a suburban mom who made a living selling marijuana from 2005 to 2012. The show was critically acclaimed, and the actress won a Golden Globe for her work on the show.

Appeared in only two episodes of Morgan weeds Parker’s character’s dead husband, but it seems he made an impression on the actress during their time on set. The pair started dating in late 2006.

Why did they break up?

Things were reportedly rocky for the couple – they briefly split in 2007 but soon got back together. Parker and Morgan announced their engagement in February of 2008. Sadly, just a few months later, the couple called it quits for good.

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Neither has spoken publicly about the engagement. at the time of breakup, Parker’s representatives said that he did not comment publicly on the private lives of his clients. Similarly, Morgan’s representative said He had no comment.

Parker’s previous high-profile relationships

This was not Parker’s first high-profile breakup. In 2003, the actress and longtime boyfriend Billy Crudup broke up. Parker was seven months pregnant with the couple’s son, and Crudup had left her for actress Claire Danes.

Morgan and Parker have both moved on from their relationship. Shortly after the engagement was broken off, Parker began dating musician Charlie Mars. They eventually split in 2013. Morgan also started dating soon after their split.

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Morgan marries ‘One Tree Hill’ star Hilarie Burton

In 2009, they were set up on a blind date one Tree Hill star by him hilary burton divine co-star Jensen Ackles and his wife Danielle, who worked with Burton one Tree Hill,

The couple welcomed a son the following year and a daughter in 2018. Although many speculated that they secretly married in 2014, Burton and Morgan didn’t actually tie the knot until 2019. Parker and Morgan’s relationship may not have worked out, but weeds Fans will always remember the real-life chemistry of the two actors.

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