There’s a reason men often do better on ‘Jeopardy! Than women have nothing to do with questions

Jeopardy! Champions come in all shapes and sizes, and many viewers love the diverse group of game show contestants. However, a new study has found that male players often make more money for a specific reason.

A new study looks at how ‘Jeopardy!’ contestants play

Gabriella Sjögren Lindqvist and Jenny Säve-Söderberg of the Swedish Institute for Social Research studied 206 episodes Jeopardy!Specifically focusing on the Daily Double portion of the game show.

The Daily Double consists of the betting amount – as much or as little as the contestant likes, but it cannot exceed the amount they have already won during the course of the game. The study looked at the different ways male and female contestants placed bets.

According to Lindquist and Sev-Soderbergh, “there was no systemic gender difference in performance”, meaning that the number of male and female contestants who answered a question correctly was largely equal. The study found that male competitors were more likely to give the correct answer when playing only against other males.

Who bets more on a Daily Double?

However, when it comes to betting, the study found that men generally make more money on the Daily Double for one obvious reason: they place more bets. The study reported that female competitors “apply more conservative betting strategies” when playing against two men.

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If a female contestant is playing against two other women, they will place higher bets but still generally do not place as large bets as male contestants. The researchers insisted that their pool Jeopardy! Players do not reflect society as a whole; Game show contestants sign up to compete, which means they are more extroverted and enjoy playing against others.

Female competitors perform ‘much better’ than male players

Lindqvist and Sev-Söderberg explain that this difference in risk-taking across gender is probably “socially induced”, which may explain why there are fewer women “at the top end of the wage distribution”. Essentially, women are socialized to play it safe and not take big risks.

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However, this hesitancy to take risks pays off in the end. Lindqvist and Sev-Söderberg found that, in terms of the final outcome of the game, the women performed “significantly better” against the two male competitors.

Jeopardy! There is a large group of winners of all genders, and each competitor plays the game differently. This new study has found that there is a difference in how male and female players typically bet on events.

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