This LinkedIn feature launched in India will help creators grow. Find out how


LinkedIn on Wednesday announced the launch of its global Creator Accelerator Program, the India leg of it with the aim to boost and support creators in growing their communities on the platform.

The program aims to help creators build engaging content and communities, spark productive conversations, and connect creators to meaningful opportunities, LinkedIn said in a release.

As part of this program, the selected 200 creators will get support and access to LinkedIn’s Community Management team, educational workshops, creator-to-creator networking opportunities, access to rich tools and resources, and mentorship opportunities with popular LinkedIn creators and thought leaders — Ankur Warikoo, Radhika Gupta, Pooja Dhingra, and Nuseir Yassin.

The selected cohort of creators will also be given a financial grant to bring their ideas to life and explore their creativity.

The program is now taking applications from creators from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and expertise, who can use LinkedIn tools to build engaging content using a variety of formats such as video, newsletters, and short-form posts. The program is also open to Hindi language creators.

Applications are open till March 16, and the final cohort of 200 creators will be announced in the coming months.

LinkedIn’s Community Management team is hosting a live event where program leads and partner…


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