This Oprah-Approved Latte Brand’s New Mocha Blend Gives You All the Energy of Coffee with 1/3 Less Caffeine (And It’s on Sale!)

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I love coffee – I’m talking multiple cups every day – but coffee doesn’t always love me. Every time my much-needed caffeine boost in the morning turns into jittery anxiety and stomach pains by afternoon. Ironically, this makes it harder to focus and maintain my energy.

Still, I stick to my morning routine. I prefer the comforting depth of coffee to watered-down tea, and frankly, no one in my house wants to deal with me quitting caffeine cold turkey, including me. So, I started looking for solutions that would give me the energy, flavor, and warmth I craved from java without the delicious side effects.

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In my search, I found Mocha SuperlatteA new super-charged blend of coffee, cocoa, spices, and wellness-boosting adaptogens Oprah-Approved Brand Clevr Blends, A customer review on Clever Blend’s website reads, “It tastes like God made it himself,” which I thought was a bit dramatic at first glance. But now that I’ve tried it myself, I can understand their sacred sentiments.

Plus, there’s never been a better time to shop. In addition to incredible savings of up to 40% for Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, you can enjoy Holiday Starter Kit (Fadder, Scoop, 2 Latte Mix, and Latte Dust) for only $62 with promo code Oprah,

Creations of Mocha Superlatte

Clevr Blend’s Mocha SuperLatte A soluble blend of Fair Trade coffee, cocoa, mushrooms and other vegetables with adaptogens, spices, MCT oil (healthy fats), and a super creamer combo of coconut and oat milk. Just add hot water, stir and enjoy.

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Mocha Superlatte Contains about 35 milligrams of caffeine per serving, about one-third of that of a regular cup of coffee. And as it turns out, it’s a Goldilocks-worthy energy level—not so weak that you slack off, but not so strong that you panic. As the Clever Blends website states, it is a “stable form of energy,” and I have to agree (more on that later).

Regenerative cocoa elevates mood, while powerful adaptogens provide long-term stress support. Finally, Lion’s Mane Mushrooms provide neuroprotection so you can stay on top of your game all day long. Let’s see what your one cup of black coffee tries to do He,

The Most Important Part: The Taste

Nutrition aside, the most important part is obviously the taste. I generally don’t like it—I’ll drink gas station coffee in a pinch and am fine with taking it black. Although Mocha Superlatte Exceeded my expectations by a mile.

Don’t let its extensive ingredient list fool you. There’s no mushroom or veggie flavor, just a warm, comforting, and silky-smooth blend of coffee and chocolate flavors. For all intents and purposes, it tasted like a freshly made mocha latte without the tempting sweetness (the mix contains erythritol and monk fruit extract for subtle sweetness). For someone who likes her coffee tart more than sweet, this was perfect.

i decided to try my hand Mocha Superlatte in place of my morning coffee. (I know, I was scared too.) And much to my delight, I didn’t notice any midmorning slumps, shaky caffeine jitters, or random bouts of anxiety. Considering all the extra nutrition that Superlatte provides, the whole package sounded almost too good to be true.

However, like the reviewer who said Mocha Superlatte tasted like it came from the divine, it Is He is really good. Does it taste like a sugary-sweet frappe? Well, no—but it doesn’t claim to either. It’s natural, warm, lightly spiced, chocolaty, and so much better than my go-to cup(s) of Folgers.

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Perfect gift this holiday season

As I mentioned earlier, if you are keen to try Mocha Superlatte or any of the Clevr Blend latte mixes, there’s nothing better to buy for yourself or a loved one.

you can score well Holiday Starter KitWhich earned a spot on Oprah’s list of favorite things two years in a row.

This bundle includes two latte flavors of your choice, an easy frother, a perfect-portioned wooden scoop, and a bottle of Latte Dust, which is a brand new blend of organic coconut sugar, Himalayan pink salt, fair trade vanilla bean and direct Tasty mix. Trade Cinnamon.

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Holiday Starter Kit

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  • Your choice of two lattes: Mocha, Chai, Sleepytime, Golden, Coffee, or Matcha.
  • Latte Dust—A spicy sweet latte topper.
  • Frother – The easiest way to mix up a creamy treat.
  • Scoop – For the perfect portion every time.
  • Free Shipping Included!

after retrying mocha mixI’m excited to explore Clevr Blend’s other latte options.

award winner Chai Superlatte Described as a “hug in a mug,” with its slightly sweet, slightly spicy blend of masala chai, stress-reducing ashwagandha, and immune-supporting sage. Oprah’s personal favorite, The golden superlatFeaturing a warm, earthy blend of fair trade turmeric to achieve its signature color and flavor.

If your morning coffee routine is as sacrosanct as mine, let it be Clevr Blends’ Mocha SuperLatte Take it a step further. Enjoy a satisfying blending process, steady energy and, most importantly, great taste when you purchase your first bag of SuperLatte today.


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