Uber introduces rear seatbelt reminder, SOS integration with policemen in India

Uber introduces rear seatbelt reminder Uber on Tuesday announced new technology-based safety features such as audio rear seatbelt reminders, proactively detecting trip anomalies, customer SOS integration with local police and more.

The ride-hailing service also expanded customer support in the country, where Uber’s 24X7 safety line will be available for riders to report any safety issues during the trip and up to 30 minutes after the trip ends.

Ashish Kundra, Principal Secretary, Government of Delhi said, “Availability of safe and convenient mobility options needs to keep pace with the rapidly growing urban landscape. It is heartening to see that the company is devoting its resources to strengthen security and support. Investing Rs.

The company said that experts at Uber’s twin support centers in Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam are available to assist round the clock and 99 per cent of incoming calls are answered “within the first 30 seconds”.

Now every time before an Uber trip starts, there will be an audio rear seat belt reminder for the rider along with a push notification on the driver’s phone to the rider’s phone.

RideCheck is Uber’s technology-based feature to proactively detect and provide assistance with trip anomalies.

Now, the company has expanded the capabilities of its RideCheck technology to detect when a trip takes an unexpected route or when a trip unexpectedly ends before a rider’s final destination.

Uber has also introduced SOS integration to share vital information including live location with local police. The feature is already live in Hyderabad and the company is actively in talks with major metro cities. “Uber is committed to continuously investing in both technology and human intervention to enhance the experience for drivers and riders on the platform,” said Suraj Nair, Head-Safety Operations, Uber India and South Asia.

Uber said its new Safety Toolkit is designed to make it easier for riders to get help when they need it. The company said it also has information about Uber’s various safety features that are available at the tap of a button.

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