UK defence secretary compares Putin to Hitler

Britain’s defence secretary compared Vladimir Putin to Hitler as he questioned the Russian president’s mindset over his decision to invade Ukraine.

Ben Wallace said he expected Mr Putin to be “held to account” if he committed a war crime during the conflict, which entered day two on Friday.

“If president Putin commits a war crime, then, just as I do if I were to commit a war crime, I should expect to be held to account, ” he told Sky News.

Asked if Mr Putin’s actions already constituted a war crime, he said: “I’m not, I’m afraid, an international lawyer.

“I couldn’t tell you the difference between breaking international law insofar as directing your forces to invade another country, versus a war crime – eg. things like genocide, and indeed, you know, torture, etc.

“I wouldn’t want to speculate the differences. What I would say is he’s clearly broken international law, he’s occupying or trying to occupy a sovereign country who made one mistake in his eyes.

“Their mistake in his eyes was not to choose the Kremlin as a way for their future. And that’s all they have done.”

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