US Supreme Court to hear Biden’s effort to restore student loan relief plan

US Supreme Court Six states agreed Thursday to hear Joe Biden’s effort to reinstate his plan to cancel billions of dollars in student loans after it was blocked by a lower court in a challenge that challenged his authority over his administration. accused of crossing

The judges deferred action on the president’s request to vacate a Nov. 14 injunction blocked by the Eighth US Circuit Court of Appeals in St. Louis, but said in a brief order that they would hear oral arguments in the case. The session which runs from late February to early March.

The Democratic president’s policy was challenged by Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and South Carolina. Five of those six states are governed by Republicans while the other, Kansas, has a Republican attorney general.

The policy faces another hurdle as the administration opposes a separate Nov. 10 ruling by a federal judge in Texas calling the program illegal. A federal appeals court declined to stay that decision on Wednesday, and the administration has said it plans to ask the US Supreme Court to intervene.

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