Video of Ohio reporter surprised at work by his mother goes viral

A video of a local television reporter in Ohio being surprised at work by his mother has gone viral, striking a chord with parents and their children alike.

ABC 6 reporter Myles Harris was preparing to shoot a story with his back to a road when he turned to look at traffic and appeared to recognize an approaching vehicle.

With an exasperated flap of his arms and a put-upon frown, Harris then suddenly turned to camera. “That’s my mom. Hold on,” he tells the cameraman. A black car then rolls up with the window down and Harris’s mother greets him with an enthusiastic shout: “Hi, baby!”

“I’m trying to work right now!” Harris responds before his mother and the cameraman – and eventually Harris himself – burst into laughter.

The clip, published by the TV station, rapidly went viral as social media video accounts picked it up.

The video ended with Harris telling his mother: “Don’t be holding up traffic, because you got cars behind you.” His mother replies “alright” and blows him a kiss before driving away again out of shot.

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