Viewers Skewer CNN For Terribly Placed Applebee’s Ad During Ukraine Coverage

This morning, during its coverage of the ongoing hostilities in Ukraine by the Russian army, someone behind the scenes at CNN made an unfortunate mistake, and the news network is taking it on the chin from viewers. A very poorly placed ad made it look, as one tweet said, like this was “WW3 sponsored by Applebee’s”.

Cut To Commercial?

As a camera panned slowly across the city of Kyiv this morning, with air raid sirens blaring ominously, CNN seemingly cut to commercial by accident, with the headline “Russia Invades Ukraine” still visible as the first notes of the Zac Brown Band’s song “Chicken Fried” started up. “Cold beer on a Friday night,” Brown sang as two beers are set down on a table before a shot of a man doing a booty-shaking country dance as the song continued.

It was, to say the least, a very bad look for the network, and unwittingly for Applebee’s. Commentators on Twitter were quick to react. “Well, that’s the most US thing to happen today, so far,” posted one person. “Why yes, I’ll have a Prime Rib Dipper, and one of those GoFundMe forms on my video checkout kiosk to buy some extra ammunition for the Ukrainian army would be lovely,” wrote another.

‘We’re Living In South Park’

The original post compared the moment. to something that might happen on South Park, which inspired a few memes from the cartoon, of course. “‘Living in an episode of South Park’…. couldn’t have worded it better myself…. why run any…


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