What Did Two Johnnies Say? Different Celebrities Condemn Sexist Comments During RTE 2FM Show Promotion

The two unique superstars, Johnny McMahon and Johnny O’Brien, are the two Johnnies, who as of late secured a new drivetime show on RTE, 2FM, under their stage name, The 2 Johnnies.

The two started their RTE’s 2FM drivetime show on Monday got dropped on Thursday on the grounds that the hottest remarks they said were not adequate by the netizens.

The 2FM show got bound after their destructively misogynist jokes were made on their digital recording.What did the host say? Beneath investigate the passages.

What Did The Two Johnnies Say? The two Johnnies said harmfully chauvinist remarks in the video. The radio moderators, perusing vehicles stickers, contains disgusting messages that sound hostile to many.

In the discussion, the satire pair said, “Workin’ the land and droppin* the hand. Tires are like ladies, no decent except if they are screeching.” The other one said, “Hocus Pocus, I got your young lady in my Focus”.

Johnny McMahon and Johnny O’ Brien are the two superstars, prominently known as The two Johnnies, who were blamed for transferring a destructively chauvinist video on Monday. Individuals are irate by paying attention to their discussions and reprimanding them through Twitter.

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The Two Johnnies Sexist Comments As They Promote Their Show RTE 2FM The Two Johnnies hottest remarks while advancing the news show, RTE’s drive time show called 2FM. The show is on forthcoming after the tweets shocked via online media.

Twitter clients scrutinized the famous telecasters thinking, “Chauvinist remarks, in which ladies are typified and embarrassing, are extraordinarily guileful and add to a harmful culture in our general public, where ladies feel risky.’ She proceeded. ‘Dressing these remarks up as jokes never really dulls their harming sway.”

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The Two Johnnies Controversy On Twitter The Two Johnnies hottest remarks drove the show to denounce. We can see huge loads of pundits and remarks on Twitter in regards to the post.

The video was communicated on Monday, and the show got destined a couple of days after the fact. Notwithstanding, the two Johnnies have apologized for their hostile remarks while advancing their new drive time show, detailed Sunday World. The video has been erased from their internet based stages now.

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