When a prank call to the President of Poland caused World War, know the whole matter

There was a breach in the security of Poland. The President’s high security hotline was blown to pieces. Because the caller whom the President of Poland talked about as French President Emmanuel Macron, was actually not Macron at all.

The prank call came to the President of Poland.

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The President of Poland received a prank call, which triggered the sound of World War III sirens. if there was time US President Biden Had he not taken precautions, a huge gunpowder disaster would have happened. which day poland The missile fell on the earth, at that time a strange thing happened. president of poland Big cheat happened with. Such a deceit, by which the button of world war could be pressed. Hard to believe but this is the truth. So the question is, what happened on that day, due to which the threat of Third World War deepened? To know this read our exclusive war report.

15 November 2022, 3:40 pm

This was the date, this was the time, when the missile fired in the Russo-Ukraine war fell on Poland. When the explosion of war took place in Poland, there was a stir in the whole world. The siren of the Great War rang. Because the missile attack happened on NATO country. After this missile explosion, the President of Poland Andrzej Duda started receiving phone calls from other heads of state.

Duda first spoke to US President Joe Biden on the hotline. After this, he received calls from heads of many countries including NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg. A phone call also came in the name of French President Emmanuel Macron… At present, these phone calls are being discussed in the world. Because these phone conversations have come in front of everyone.

When French President Macron called-

Emmanuel Macron-hello my friend…how are you?
Andrej Duda- hello i’m duda
Andrej Duda- thanks for your call
Andrej Duda- As you know the situation is very delicate.
Andrej Duda- Today there was an explosion near the Ukraine border in Poland.
Andrej Duda- It’s a missile attack, no doubt about it
Andrej Duda- We do not know who did this attack?
Andrej Duda- maybe it’s a russian missile
Andrej Duda- I spoke to President Joe Biden
Emmanuel Macron- Did he consider Russia guilty?
Andrej Duda- No…

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During this conversation, the President of Poland told Macron what happened between him and Biden?

Andrej Duda- President Biden said that he would send an expert team to help in the investigation
Emmanuel Macron- What is Zelensky’s stand..is he blaming Russia?
Andrej Duda- Yes, they are accusing Russia and saying that they are sure that it was a Russian missile. Russia launched it
Andrej Duda- He said that there is no question of the missile being from Ukraine.

Andrej Duda-Emmanuel, believe me, I am more careful in this matter.
Andrej Duda- This is war and both sides will blame each other.
Emmanuel Macron-I think we don’t want a conflict between Russia and NATO.
Andrej Duda- Believe me Emmanuel, I do not want war with Russia. I am very careful about this
Andrej Duda-I am only talking about Article-4, not about Article-5.
Emmanuel Macron- What would you do if it was a Russian missile?
Andrej Duda-We’ll talk to our comrades, to you, to President Biden
Andrej Duda- We have to find a solution in this difficult situation.

Fraud with the President of Poland

The two talked on the phone for seven and a half minutes and with this a big game, a big hoax happened with the President of Poland. There was a breach in the security of Poland. The President’s high security hotline was blown to pieces. Because the caller whom the President of Poland talked about as French President Emmanuel Macron, was actually not Macron at all. Actually it was a fake caller, who impersonated Macron and spoke to the President of Poland and played a big trick on Andrzej Duda. The prank call to the President of Poland was made by two famous comedians of Russia. Their names are Vladimir Kuznezo and Alexey Stoljaro. People know these two comedians of Russia by the name of Vovan and Lexus.

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Comedians have already called

This is the second time when these two comedians made a prank call to Duda. Earlier in 2020, he spoke to Duda as the UN chief. Duda’s office has also confirmed this. These two Russian comedians have cheated French President Macron and former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the same way. But the President of Poland has received a prank call for the second time, so the security of Poland has been exposed. President Duda is being beaten badly. Poland’s opposition parties are attacking them. The President and his office are being accused of playing with national security.

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