Where does the US get its oil – and what would a Ukraine invasion do to gas prices?

For all the wind farms and solar panels we’ve built, the world – and especially the United States – still runs on oil and gas.

That is why the onset of a Russian invasion of Ukraine threatens not only a human rights catastrophe in Europe but economic turmoil for American consumers, as well as a giant headache for US president Joe Biden.

Russia is one of the world’s biggest fossil fuel producers, yielding about 12 per cent of the global economy’s oil and 17 per cent of its natural gas. Much of the latter is carried to Europe via pipelines that run through Ukraine, potentially freezing the whole continent’s supply.

Russian president Vladimir Putin’s decision to recognise the independence of breakaway territories in Ukraine this week drove the price of crude oil up to nearly $100 (£74) per barrel. Mr Putin has announced a military operation in Ukraine, and gunfire and explosions were heard in Kiev early Thursday, according to local and international media.

So how vulnerable is the US to an oil shock, and what would an invasion of Ukraine do to gas prices?

How much oil does the US import from Russia?

Not much, but not nothing. While America has struggled for decades to reduce its dependence on foreign oil, with some success, Russia’s share is at a historic high.

The shale oil boom of the 2010s made the US a major oil exporter, surpassing the production levels of both Russia and Saudi Arabia in 201.

According to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA), America imported an…

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