Who Is Adam Harvey? Kenzie Houk Ex Boyfriend Now

23-year-old Jordan Brown escaped confinement in 2016 in the wake of expenditure seven years in the adolescent detainment community. Additionally, he sued that multitude of agents in 2020 for the underserved conviction.

In any case, the killer is as yet in obscurity. On the off chance that not Jordan, who is it?

Would it be able to be Adam Harvey, her ex? Kenzie, Jordan’s prospective stepmother, was eight and a half months pregnant with two little girls, Jenessa and Adalynn from her past relationship.

What’s more Jordan was the 11-year-old child of Chris from his past relationship.

Every one of them were carrying on with a cheerful life in their farmhouse until the unforeseen demise of Kenzie.

However Jordan got condemned to 7-drawn out confinement, the case is as yet perplexing. We should see what AdamHavey has to do with it.

20/20: Where Is Adam Harvey Now? The main other known suspect for Kenzie’s homicide was her ex Adam Harvey.

Notwithstanding, there is no data regarding his whereabouts right now.

Kenzie had a perilous relationship with Adam and even had a controlling request against him.

Further, the circumstance was more terrible between them since she deceived him about her most youthful girl Adalynn being his organic kid, which for this situation was not.

Furthermore, realizing that Kenzie was requesting kid support cash with no natural connection got him considerably madder.

In this way, her family imagines that Adam is behind her homicide and not Jordan.

Kenzie Houk Ex-Boyfriend-Was He Ever Investigated? The analytical soldiers visited his home that very day of the homicide.

The fascinating part is, when Jordan was evaluated without precedent for the Police station, he guaranteed of seeing a dark pickup truck left close to the carport, a similar sort of vehicle Adam possesses.

Nonetheless, when the police visited him, they saw snow on the top of his truck, demonstrating he hadn’t headed to Kenzie’s home, as the snow would have liquefied away during the 24 mile drive.

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Besides, his responses to Kenzie’s passing were supposedly surprising, and his hands tried negative for gunfire buildup.

Also, his dad supported up, guaranteeing that he had been home constantly during the hour of the homicide.

Thus, regardless of the examination, Adam got out clean.

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