Who said it? Australia’s political war of words over China – quiz

In an increasingly heated political debate in the lead-up to Australia’s election, claims of appeasing China and even labels of “Manchurian candidates” have flown thick and fast.

The truth is both major parties have been recalibrating their China policy over the past decade in response to what they see as a more assertive nation under Xi Jinping.

How closely have you been following the debate? Take our quiz to find out – you might be surprised at who said what along the way.

1.“I have never heard a Chinese leader declare that his country would be fully democratic by 2050 … When I listened to the President [Xi Jinping] today, some of the shadows over our region and over our world lifted and the sun did indeed shine brightly and I thank you, Mr President, for this historic, historic statement which I hope will echo right around the world.”

2.“It’s wonderful to see the new Chinese ambassador coming forward with a very open approach. And I think they’ll find the Australian government’s response equally open to ensure dialogue continues strongly. We have a strong relationship with our wonderful Chinese-Australians.”

3.“China should certainly withdraw some of the actions that have been taken to stop Australian products going to China … I hope that the ambassador would support the withdrawal of those effective sanctions which are in place, whether it be for our natural resources or our products such as wine and agricultural products as well.”

4.“We have always understood the ‘one system, two countries’ arrangement, and we will continue to follow our policies there … ‘one country, two systems’, I should say.”

5.“Eight submarines against China when we get the submarines in 20 years’ time – it’ll be like throwing a handful of toothpicks at the mountain.”

6.“Any kind of disagreement shouldn’t be gratuitous and partisanship for its own sake because that doesn’t advance the national interest…

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