Who Was Brucetravious Frazier? Details On The Alabama Man Shot And Murdered By Gregory Todd- What Happened?

Brucetravious Frazier was a 28-year-elderly person from Auburn, Alabama. On 23 July 2018, he was shot and killed by a youngster, Gregory Todd in a brazer shooting.

Frazier was shot by Todd in the 400 square of W.E. Morton Avenue inside his vehicle. The teen discharged the shot at his head and the casualty died 2 days after the fact.

Police arrived at the crime location on schedule and with the assistance of paramedics, they took Brucetravious to the close by medical clinic in Columbus yet he died, unfortunately.

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Who Was Brucetravious Frazier? Alabama Man Shot And Killed By Gregory Todd Brucetravious Frazier was a youthful gay man from Alabama.

He was gay with a friendly character. He embraced his female side and communicated his thoughts straightforwardly without dreading anybody as announced by The Cinemaholic.

Whenever Frazier was out at W.E Morton Avenue, he got into a contention with a hot-headed youngster at the convergence. From that point forward, the kid started shooting his vehicle ultimately focusing on his head.

Brucetravious supported the injury for 2 days and afterward died on 25 July 2018.

Brucetravious Frazier Murder Case: What Happened To Him? Brucetravious Frazier’s homicide case will be highlighted on Discovery’s The Murder Tapes: Fled on Foot.

He was spending time with his companion, Lartosha Robinson the evening of 23rd July. In any case, he had a contention with a kid named Gregory Todd.

At the point when they were leaving, Todd shot the vehicle, and Brucetravious was hit also. To stop the vehicle, Lartosha took care of the gas pedal with her hand and directed the vehicle to somewhere safe.

In any case, Robinson was frightened that the shooter will come for herself and she ran away from the area. While the terminating commotions were heard at the W.E Morton Avenue, individuals called the police.

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At the point when the police came, Frazier had a solitary gunfire twisted to his head. He got some therapy from the paramedics and was raced to Piedmont Columbus Regional Medical Center where he died.

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Where Could Brucetravious Frazier Killer Gregory Todd be? According to WTVM, Brucetravious Frazier’s executioner, Gregory Todd was captured by the police in Camp Hill.

His area was followed by the US Marshall and he was kept 3 weeks after the homicide. He began admitting once he was in the authority.

Afterward, Frazier confessed to kill and endeavored murder. He was detained for quite some time and 25 years for the charges individually.

Brucetravious is right now carrying out his punishment at the Easterling Correctional Facility. He will be considered for parole just in September of 2033.

Eulogy And Cause Of Death Of Brucetravious Frazier According to online eulogy, Brucetravious Frazier died on 25 July 2022.

He was born on 14 December 1989 and he died at 28 years old years old. His burial service was held at New Spirit Missionary Baptist Church in Opelika.

In addition, Frazier’s perished body is covered at Westview Cemetery.

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