Whoopi Goldberg Tells Sunny Hostin To ‘Stop’ After Hostin Suggests Queen Caught Covid From Camilla

The hosts of The View recently had a heated discussion about the royal family as they’re rocked by rumors that Queen Elizabeth has passed away. Sunny Hostin‘s opinions were so out of line that Whoopi Goldberg had to bring the conversation to a halt. 

Hostin Takes Aim at Camilla

The conversation about the royals started because of news that Camilla Parker Bowles had tested positive for COVID for the second time. Her husband, Prince Charles, has also tested positive, and Hostin criticized Parker Bowles for carrying out engagements the same day Charles announced he was sick. 

Hostin, who is no fan of Parker Bowles, claimed she or Charles gave the queen COVID. “Prince Charles I guess was breathing all over her and gave her Covid,” Hostin said. “Now Camilla has Covid, maybe Camilla gave it to her.”

Goldberg interrupted, saying, “Maybe she just got it in the air like everybody else.” Buckingham Palace recently announced that the queen had contracted COVID-19, but was experiencing “mild cold-like symptoms.” Queen Elizabeth did cut back on her royal obligations, but appears to be doing well, even as one gossip site wrongly reported that she’s passed away

While the queen’s health was the topic of conversation, Hostin was unwilling to let up on Parker Bowles. She responded, “Well, Camilla doesn’t follow rules of obligations of people that are married.” Hostin was referring to Parker Bowles and Charles’ years-long affair that ultimately destroyed…

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