Wordle 250 for 24 Feb: Check here for today’s clues to the puzzle, solution


If the new game Wordle, now owned by the The New York Times, Wordle is your everyday cup of tea, today’s solution will be easy for you.

The five-lettered word game has become an instant hit after its launch. Wordle is a short and simple browser-based game for puzzle lovers. The free-to-play game can be directly placed on the Wordle website (www.powerlanguage.co.uk/wordle) or mobile application.

It was created in October by former Reddit software engineer Josh Wardle and is available to play only once a day on his website.

Now, users wait for the unique game each day which is available in the web format only and is still not available in app format.

Players can get only six attempts to solve this puzzle. Only one Wordle appears each day.

We have the answer for today’s puzzle. Scroll down to know the answer and there is always tomorrow. Try again then!

The Wordle game is not difficult. The player is provided with six opportunities to guess the right five-letter word of the day.

The game proceeds by elimination wherein once you enter a word made up of the letters in the keyboard beneath, the game tells you if there are right letters and if they are, whether they are placed in the correct position. These are hints to proceeding further in Wordle, in order to get the correct word.

However, we do not want you to give up already in trying. We shall…


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