Wordle 469 answer for October 1: Easy but tricky! Check Wordle hints, clues here

Wordle 469 answer for October 1: The word is easy but the letters are tricky to guess. Check the Wordle 469 hints and clues given here to get to the solution.

Wordle 469 answer for October 1: The 5 letter Wordle word to be guessed today is both easy and tricky at the same time. What makes it easy? The word is commonly used in our daily life and is known to everyone. While the difficult part is the letters used to form the word are a bit difficult to guess. You need to be precise with your guesses as you have limited attempts. To help you crack the answer in no time and with ease, here we provide you with some of the best Wordle 469 hints and clues. Check it out below:

Wordle 469 hints for October 1

As already stated the word is easy but the letters are a bit difficult to guess, you are advised to guess the words made up of rarely used letters like- J, L, W, V, among others. Once you get the letters, assembling them to form the Wordle 469 word is easy. Read on to check the clues below.

Wordle 469 clues for October 1

1. Today’s 5 letter Wordle word starts with L.

2. There are 2 vowels in today’s 5 letter Wordle word.

3. One of the vowels repeats itself.

4. The word ends with E.

5. Biggest hint — The term which refers to taking off!

Here you go! Hope these hints and clues help you win the game by turning all the 5 Wordle letter boxes green. However, in case you want to know the answer, check it out below.

Wordle 469 answer for October 1

Want to try once more before checking the answer below? If you have adequate attempts left you can try solving the Wordle 469 yourself. However, if you are left with last couple of attempts, check the answer below:

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The Wordle 469 answer is LEAVE. The word is a verb and refers to, “go away from someone or something, for a short time or permanently,” according to the Cambridge Dictionary.

Keep winning!

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