You be the judge: is it OK for my boyfriend to keep butter in the cupboard?

The prosecution: Ruby

My boyfriend insists on keeping butter in the ‘pantry’. To me it’s strange and unhygienic

My boyfriend Stewart has grown up keeping the butter in the cupboard. I fundamentally disagree with this – in my opinion, it should always be refrigerated.

We moved in together five months ago, and Stewart would always put the butter in a little cupboard in the kitchen. He occasionally refers to it as “the pantry”, which I find hilarious. What are we, Victorians? When he tried to store the butter there the first time, I immediately challenged him and said it belonged in the fridge.

He said: “What are you talking about? Butter stored at room temperature is perfectly fine, I’ve always done this.” He thinks that it tastes better on his toast when it’s softer and more spreadable. But dairy products degrade quicker when left at room temperature.

I was adamant that the butter wouldn’t live in the “pantry”, it’s disgusting. But when I put the butter in the fridge, the next day I’d discover that Stewart had moved it back into the cupboard. It’s now an ongoing battle, with the butter moved back and forth between the two locations. I do most of the cooking in the house, so I feel I should have the final say.

When summer comes, I’m worried that the butter will be disgusting. I’ve never come across rancid butter and I don’t want to. Stewart likes a more traditional way of living: he wanted this flat because it comes with a little garden where he grows vegetables. But a fridge is a great invention and Stewart needs to use ours more.

When we started dating a few years ago, I realised Stewart was a bit posher than me. When we moved in together it became more apparent. He likes to buy scones and crumpets – I never eat them. He also grew up on a farm and his family kept their butter and eggs in a big pantry, which is why he wants to do…

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