Your daily horoscope: September 23, 2022

On Friday, September 23, a small piece of the diminishing crescent Moon joins up with Ceres, a dwarf planet that controls our nurturing instincts and needs. This combination sits in a harmonious trine with Eris, a small body governing our rebellious sides. The stars present an important question today: Will you rebel against your needs? Or the one who ignores them?

Which would it be for your sign?

Grief can have the virtue of digging deep, but beware of falling down a self-pitying rabbit hole. If you’re not going to get used to growing this pain, it will inevitably start to slow you down. Proceed with caution Aries.

Don’t underestimate the effect of our subconscious mind on our conscious realities, Taurus. There is a fine line between self-care and self-destruction. Is a streak of hedonism worth it if you end up in the hole?

Sometimes, things must go wrong before we see how they can be right. Learning by doing is a powerful and effective method. Try to get out of this storm as much as you can. Eventually, it will pass, and you will become wiser.

We can achieve different things from different relationships, but we cannot solve the problem by leaning into one with the other. As unpleasant as it may sound, the difficult bond is the one that needs your attention the most right now.

The stars urge you to rest, Leo. Burnout and exhaustion don’t deserve better work or results, so why are you so dead set on reaching for them? Despite your arguably unhealthy efforts, no one can do everything all the time. Take a breath

When we start looking for the negative, everything we see turns sour. Our attitudes color the world around us. Thus, you must be mindful of what is reality – and what is the product of your bad mood.

You have a huge heart and a fervent philanthropic streak, but that doesn’t mean you’re superhuman. Taking time for yourself is important if you want to maintain the energy to make time for others. It’s worth it, Libra.

Although it may not feel like it at the time, struggle can teach us a lot. It reveals how we view ourselves, others, and the relationships between them. It can also show who is there in our lives and who is not. pay attention.

Tying your self-worth to your productivity is a dangerous game, Sag. Things go awry all the time—often out of our control. If you root yourself in your values, these small setbacks won’t hurt so deeply.

If anyone is able to handle the most chaotic change, it will be you, Cap. Your ability to navigate the unknown and problem-solve on the fly is unmatched. trust her; Others certainly do.

Life is too precious to let these burdens weigh you down. You don’t need to burn every hard bridge, but you may benefit from taking some time alone to recalculate.

Your ability to forgive is admirable, but beware of pushing too many boundaries. There’s a reason to forgive you in the first place: You were hurt. Don’t rob yourself of the opportunity to heal by pretending it never happened.

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